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What is Art With Mummy?

This course is for anyone who is caring for children in the early years (2-5years).

Art with Mummy is part of the Faux Arts Art Program.  This program has been designed and taught by unique artist and art teacher Sue Faux over the last 20 years.

Art with Mummy is your first step on this extensive program.  Together, with our help, you and your children will learn basic fundamental skills essential to your developing creativity.

Course Content:

Each week you will have the opportunity to try different materials and skills, from clay (the potter’s wheel is always exciting!), to resist materials, fabrics, modelling, and of course painting and drawing.

Every week is different and most projects are finished that lesson to take home and be admired.

The focus of each session is to develop a different essential art skill as well as to reiterate previous ones!

The emphasis is always on listening to children’s experiences, likes and dislikes to give them the confidence and enthusiasm to explore their art once they join primary school and beyond.  (Many of our original Art with Mummy students are now with us for GCSE and A level!)

Most of our art lessons are based around topical themes, recent ones include Bluebell Wood Paintings, Beach Huts, Clay Leaf Bowls, and Greenman masks.

We photograph all the work produced and these are put on our Pinterest Gallery Boards which you are welcome to post to relatives all over the world!

At Faux Arts we think it is important right from the beginning to emphasise the social aspects of art (you never have an art room where the tables are in lines!) and so we also have tea/coffee, squash and biscuits after every session!