wood painting with faux arts

The team members are:

Sue Faux

Sue is an extremely versatile and experienced artist who sells paintings and exhibits nationally and internationally, working as a freelance commissioned artists and lead artist in numerous art projects throughout the uk.

Since 2002 she has been developing and teaching the unique faux arts program that Art with Mummy is part of, sharing her skills and experience in a practical way with all ages and abilities.

It is really unusual to have such a skilled artist working with young children and Art with Mummy is a unique chance for you and your child to work alongside an artist of this calibre. knows her stuff…”

“I was nervous of art but Art with Mummy and Sue gave me and my son the confidence to try anything…..we now have no wall space left!”

Sue has four children and lives and works in Wiltshire.

Astrid Kauffmann:

Astrid is an essential part of the Faux Arts team and teaches the Faux Arts Art with Mummy program alongside Sue.  Like Sue she is a practicing artist herself with wide experience of teaching and supporting students across all ages and abilities.

Meg O’Donoghue:

Meg is the youngest member of the teaching team.  A remarkable natural teacher she supports and assist in all the lessons at Faux Arts.  Still a student herself, she has a natural rapport all our students and we are very lucky and proud to have her as part of the Faux Arts teaching team.